The Annual Jazz Safari Ditches Serena For Cricket Oval!

  • Posted on: 14 July 2016
  • By: Sanyu FM

Few events bring out the so-called Kampala elite like the annual Nile Gold Jazz Safari that will be running it's 9th edition this year. Like the theme suggests, it's meant to showcase real instrumentalists as jazz artists as they put on riveting performances.

Jazz greats like Norman Brown, Gerald Albright, and the most recent one Kirk Whalum - all backed by outstanding bands like the Tizer band - have performed for jazz enthusiasts and casual fans alike. The event has always been hosted at the Kampala Serena


Until now. News trickling in has it that the venue will be moved to the Lugogo Cricket Oval. No reason has been given yet as to why this decision was reached at. But industry insiders say that the Victoria Ballroom at the Serena Hotel where it was held in the past years was quite small considering the number of people that want to attend the event. But some observers suggest that this was precipitated by the recent partnership between the Jazz Safari organizers and the Uganda Cricket League, as was reported by the Daily Monitor on Wednesday July 12.

According to insiders, for the clients that are apprehensive about the seeming lack of exclusivity at the Cricket Oval as it was at the Serena, the organizers have taken the necessary steps to address this. Via his Facebook platform Thursday morning, social commentator Moses Serugo said that overhead domes will be set up to recreate the traditional indoor-sy feel that the Jazz Safari is known for.

Mr. Serugo also said that the ticket prices have been cut to 130 Thou, from 200 Thou as it was last year. Perhaps this is in a bid to make the event attract a wide clientele and not have some people feel alienated.

This year's headliners will be Maxi Priest, Jackiem Joyner, and Lin Rountree.