Celebrated Disc Jockey. DJ Neptune Sits Down With Jaluo on African Express talks Music, Career and Success.

  • Posted on: 2 December 2019
  • By: Presenters

In an continet saturated with dance music and nightclubs, there's arguably no Disc Jockey in the continent keeping the true spirit of Nigeria alive quite like DJ Neptune.  The Celebrated Dj "world Dj Award 2012, Africa Entertainment awards" was in the country for an event he managed to sit down with the Only Jaluo on African Express and he had some two cents to give in regards to being a good Dj, he also touched on the back and foth between Local Artists and DJ's where local artists in the past have pointed fingers at Dj's saying they don't play enough music from the local scene. 

"Back at home in Uganda and East Africa in general there is always that argument that Radio stations and Dj's play a lot of Nigerian Music...they say that we need to start playing more of our music 'local music' and they always give reference to Nigeria and south Africa where there is a quater system, where radio stations are required to play a certain percentage of music from the country, does this benefit the craft ?" 

Dj neptune 
"Back home, i will use the radio station i work with as an example, so there is a certain percentage that we have to play for nigerian music same for african songs" 

"Whats the percentage let's get literal" 

Dj Neptune 
"if i am not mistaken i think  its 60 percent nigerian music 25 percent african music and the remaining 15 percent....."" if you don't push your own who's gonna do that ? you need to push your own you need to motivate the artists to want to do more good music" 


He also talked about working with Celebrated Afro Beat Artist Burna Boy 

"Burna is a cool guy Burna was on my debut album the track is called shawo, amazing guy very tallented i'm happy for him, he has put so much work to be where he is today..."
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