Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters wants the government to institute a special Land tribunal

  • Posted on: 10 April 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

The Land Commission of Inquiry wants the government to institute a special Land tribunal to handle disputes in a more simplified way to suit the standards of the aggrieved locals.

The commission chairperson Justice  Catherine Bamugemerire says  the current judicial set up on resolving land matters wastes time and resources in legal jargons, at the expense of Justice to the average aggrieved parties. 

In the Proposed Special tribunal Bamugemeriire seeks for free space of  Expression by the real aggrieved parties without interference from lawyers, for the Judges to take a freely informed Position of  Judgment in Land disputes.

She was launching LASPNET’s a report of the “analysis on government compulsory   Land acquisition and management”.


A new study into Government Compulsory land acquisition and management points at legal gaps as a ground for conflict when the government moves to obtain private land for its development projects.

The report by Legal Aid Services Providers’ network cites ambiguity in the 1965 Land Acquisition act; that it does not define “Public Interest”.

LASPNET Executive Director Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa says government bigwigs hide in the ambiguity to take over private land to meet selfish Interests.

This according to Namubiru added to the absence of a clear policy on  Evaluation and Compensation, puts the rights of sitting land owners at stake.

This as they launched the report at Sheraton Hotel kampala.