Deputy Attorney General Appears Before Commission of inquiry into land matters

  • Posted on: 5 February 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana has today failed to explain to the Commission of inquiry into land matters two legal opinions he wrote confirming that 87 year old Dr. Muhammad Buule Kasasa is the rightful owner of the contentious 639 acre piece of  Land at Mutungo and cleared him for compensation from government.

The Commission summoned Rukutana to throw more light on further allegations that Dr. Kasasa  bought the disputed land which had been caveated by prince David Wasajja, and that Kasasa has never received a penny of  the 2.4 billion shillings that Government claims to have paid him for the land; claiming it has since attracted interest.

However today Rukutana has told the commission chaired by justice Catherine Bamugemereire that  he needs more time to retrieve  the case file and acquait himself  with the facts of this case in which Dr. Kasasa  sued Uganda Land  commission demanding his compensation; given the fact that the  state attorney who was in personal conduct of the case is now  deceased.

Justice Bamugermerie has given Rukutana  2 more weeks to prepare himself and bring the required documents regarding his December 2018 opinion okaying payment to Kasasa, in disregard of a court order that had halted the process, and the chief government valuer's report stating exactly how much government was supposed to pay for the land. The same piece of land is also being claimed by the late Ben Kiwanuka's family.

The 7 member commisiosn has now moved to visit the contentious land at Mutungo to hear evidence from the residents on the ground.