Deputy Chief Justice to Police: Expedite Investigations

  • Posted on: 11 April 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

The Deputy Chief, Justice Alphonse Owiny Dolo wants police to expedite investigations when it arrests suspects or else release them on bond after the mandatory 48 hour as provided for in the law.   

He was speaking during the 2nd Annual Muslim Human Rights Conference organised by Muslims Centre for Justice and Law at Hotel Africana. 


Justice Owiny Dolo noted that should police feel incapacitated to conduct investigations after picking up suspects, it should grant them their right to bond.   

Justice Owiny Dolo urged the public to seek justice at all levels, saying many Ugandans sit on their rights. 


Dr. Zahara Nampeewo, a lecturer in the School of Law at Makerere University, said there are many loopholes in Uganda’s judicial system that are open to abuse.   

She explained that although there is some level of access to justice, the system still struggles to meet the principles of humanity, equality, nondiscrimination and dignity among others.


Jaffer Senganda, the President Muslims Centre for Justice and Law decried injustices in the criminal just pathways, which seem to target Muslims. 

He explained that the justice system in Uganda pronounces people guilty even before they are prosecuted. 

Senganda noted that in his experience working with MCJL, he has encountered officials who have accused the organisation of fighting for people they already know are criminals. 

He said it is a clear abuse of the principal of presumption of innocence to declare suspects guilty before trial. 

The Conference is organised under the theme "Addressing human rights concerns in the criminal justice system". It is an annual event that serves as a platform to reflect and come up with a feasible way forward.  

The objective of the conference is to identify the most pressing human rights concerns experienced by users of the existing justice pathways in Uganda and examine how rule of law is affected by the phenomena of Islamaphobia in delivering criminal justice in Uganda among others objectives.