India to Tourists: Don't Wear Skirts

  • Posted on: 30 August 2016
  • By: Sanyu FM

India's tourism minister is furiously backpedaling after suggesting that women who visit India shouldn't wear skirts for their own safety.

Mahesh Sharma made the comments over the weekend while promoting a welcome kit that will be handed out to tourists when they arrive in India.

"There's a card in there listing the do's and don'ts. Basic things like, 'Don't go out at night alone.' 'Don't wear skirts.'"

The outrage was immediate. And for good reason.

A string of sexual assaults against foreign women has sullied India's reputation.

The country has amended its laws to broaden the definition of rape to include any form of penetration; it lists out strict punishments not only for rape but also for sexual assault, voyeurism and stalking.

But still, every high-profile case -- and there have been several -- brings the question to the forefront again: Is India doing enough to protect women? Is it creating a strong enough deterrent for crimes against women?