Kaihura Ordered Me To Give A Gun To Kitata's Body Guard - ASP Agasirwe

  • Posted on: 18 March 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

Jailed former commandant of the special Police Investigations Unit (SIU) ASP Nixon Agasirwe has this morning taken to the stand before the General court Martial at Makindye  to testify in favour of Hajji Abudallah Kitatta who is facing  charges of unlawfull possession of guns and ammunitions. 


Agasirwe has informed the Millitary court presided over by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti that his former Boss Gen Kale Kayihura gave him(Agasirwe) instructions to give Kitatta 3 guns and a body guard ; Sowali Ngobi because  Kitatta had become an informant of police after the 2010 Buganda Riots .


The cop's testimony has now collaborated the evidence of Kitatta who in his defence also  told court that he approached  former IGP Kale Kayihura to offer  him security in exchange for information that would lead to the  arrest of criminals and rioters in Kampala .


Court  heard further that  Kayihura ordered that Kitatta be given a police  body guard and guns to ensure his safety.


However it's now these guns and ammunitions that prosecution says Kitatta owned unlawfully  for eight years because  they are only a monopoly of the defence forces .


It's worth noting that both  Kitatta and ASP  Agasirwe are  on remand at Makindye  Millitray police barracks facing counts that range from unlawful possession of firearms and ammunitions, Failure to protect war materials  and repatriation of Rwandese nationals while  

Gen Kayihura has since been bailed out on the same charges awaiting trial .


Kitatta whom prosecution says  was the leader of Boda -boda 2010 in Kampala  is co-charged with ten other people and listed ASP Agasirwe as one of  their defence witness.


During cross examination by the state prosecutor Lt col Raphael Mugisha, Agasirwe said he didn’t put in writing his order to the armory man who issued out the said pistol.

He added that the orders to give Kitatta guards came from the then IGP Gen Kale Kayihura; although he couldn’t prove this to court by any written proof .