Kanyamunyu Trial Resumes

  • Posted on: 4 February 2020
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

Trial of Mathew Kanyamunyu;   who is  accused for the murder of child rights activist James Akena has resumed this morning before the Highcourt in Kampala after the court secured a fluent French interpreter for his  co-accused Girlfriend Cynthia Munwangaru .


Last Month, Trial judge Steven Mubiru was forced to halt the hearing because Munwangari rejected the translator whom she said would miss some words and was speaking a Belgian  French version instaed of the one from France. 


However as the hearing resumed today, a French and Swahili teacher took the interpreter's role for Munwangari who is standing in the dock besides her boyfriend and key  suspect in this  November 2016 murder .


Prosecution has presented its 5th Witness; Rose Kadde ; an eyewitness who has at the scene of crime at Hamza car bond opposite UMA show grounds -Lugogo. 


 Kadde a ground nut hawker has testfied before court that on the fateful day of 12th/November 2016 as she began to wind up the day's business, she saw 2 vehicles ; a big and small one parked at different angles .


That after some minutes she saw a man of  medium height  dressed in a blue suit and a lady dressed in short dress disembark from the big vehicle approaching the man who was in a small vehicle .


That later she saw the man and the lady carrying the other man in their big vehicle and drove away towards Kampala city while the small car was left parked their unattended to .


Kadde who has been testfying in Kakwa said the following day, she was approached by 2 police officers  to go and make a statement about what she had  witnessed. 


Hearing is still on -going.