Men in Kaberamaido Lashed For Not Having Toilets!

  • Posted on: 29 July 2016
  • By: Sanyu FM

Several men found without toilets at their homes in Kaberamaido district were given strokes of the cane by members of the health and sanitation district taskforce, reports The New Vision.

During the inspection exercise, some local leaders and village health team workers were also found with no pit latrines.

Some were seen scampering off into hiding in nearby bushes as the inspection team went from home to home. But those caught offguard embarrassingly went down to take their punishment.

The leader of this enforcement team, Kassim Oyuu, said they want the sanitation standards of villages in Kaberamaido to improve.

And already, their efforts are paying off. The Assistant district health officer, Gregory Ocen, said that the district has 84% toilet coverage, up from 32% when they started the sensitization programme.

Despite this progress, bad apples still do exist. “It is unfortunate that after sensitising the local people, some become adamant and run or hide away from the inspection teams when they visit their homes,” said Julius Edeku, a health assistant.

The team also found that some women collaborated with their husbands to hide from authorities during inspection.

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