Ten Things Never To Reveal Until You Have The Job

  • Posted on: 18 July 2016
  • By: Sanyu FM

Job-seekers often have the wrong idea about how to conduct a job search.

They think that when they go to an interview and get into a recruiting pipeline, their assignment is to make best friends with everyone they meet on the employer side of the desk. They think that over the course of their interviews, they need to ingratiate themselves and become part of the team even before they get the job offer.

In the process of ingratiating themselves they can easily give away too much information!

Ten Things Never To Reveal Until You Have The Job

1. How many other employers you’re talking with, or which ones

2. How much you earned at your last job (or your current job)

3. How desperate your financial situation is

4. How perfectly the job meets your lifestyle needs

5. How easy or difficult your job search has been

6. What you’re doing for money during your job search

7. How assiduously (or not) you’re pursuing your job search

8. Promising opportunities that disappeared or disappointed you during your job search

9. How much you prefer one employer over others you’re interviewing with

10. How badly you want the job

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