Zari Hassan Instagram Account Hacked

  • Posted on: 7 August 2018
  • By: Presenters

Zari Hassan is the latest victim whose Instagram account has been hacked. The account that was still up and running and the hackers were apparently demanding to be paid $4,000 to get back the account.

It is not clear whether the hackers gave the mother of five a chance to pay the $4,000 they had demanded from her to get back her account or not.

Working round the clock to get it back, her manager Galston Anthony made official communication via his social media that they were doing their best to restore it.

‘’Please note @zarithebosslady is being hacked. We doing all we can to fix it. I will go live in 10min in her behalf to give me details,’’ he posted.

Using her daughter Tiffah’s account, Zari went live thanking her fans and assuring them everything will be fine.

Her Facebook account is also said to be under the same hackers who are posting nude photos.

However, It seems like the self-proclaimed boss lady has regained control of her account.

She wrote, “When you are busy helping fellow mothers and a hacker plays with your account.”