African Express

The Only Jaluo

Stefan aka “TheOnlyJaluo” So who am I? I know for a fact that am fun, creative, super sexy, and a very proud Luo. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I pursued college at MUBS, Kampala. I am the guy behind the sexy throbbing bass on the late night show: “The Love Zone”.

I’m quite blunt and very opinionated with my views on relationships and practically everything. I stand at 6’3”. (I really find it weird that people still think that I am growing taller. :)) Whether I am on “The Grill”, “Thirsty Thursday”, “African Express”, or even “Saturday Night fever,” I have the right vibe for you: From no-punches-pulled interviews to interactive mix shows, to the wackiest topics, I’ve got you.

And with my team’s help, I’ve got what it takes to get you through what you’re craving from radio and keep you wanting more.